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Pixar disney bande originale soundtrack  toy story 3

Fiche technique.

Compositeur : Randy Newman.
Sortie : 16 Juillet 2010.
Paroles : Randy Newman.
Label : Walt Disney Records.


We belong together.

Interprétée par Randy Newman.

Don't you turn your back on me.
Don't you walk away.
Don't you tell me that I don't care.
Cause' I do.

Don't you tell me, I'm not the one.
Don't you tell me, I ain't no fun.
Just tell me you love me, like I love you.
You know you do.

When we're together.
Grey skies are clear, oh.
And I'll share them, till where I'm less depressed.
And it's sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.
I just can't take it when we're apart.

We belong together.
We belong together.
Yes, we do.
You'll be mine, until I kill myself.

We belong together.
We belong together.
Oh, it's true.
It's gonna stay this way, forever.
Me and you.

If I could really talk to you,
If I could find a way.
I'm not shy.
There's a whole lot I wanna say.
Oh of course there is !

Talk about friendship, and loyalty.
Talk about how much you mean to me.
And I'll promise, to always be by your side.
Whenever you need me.

The day I met you.
Was the luckiest day of my life.
And I bet you feel the same.
Least I hope you do.
So don't forget.
If the future should take you away.
You know you'll aways be, part of me.

We belong together.
We belong together.
Wait and see.
Gonna be this way, forever.

We belong together.
We belong together.
We'll go on this way, forever.
Me and you.
You and me.

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Fabien Le Lagadec
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