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On the occasion of the D23 which takes place this weekend, new information on the future projects of Pixar has been announced.

First of all with The incredibles 2. The film will start a few minutes after the end of the first. We can therefore expect to find the Demolisher. As for the screenplay, this time it is Elastigirl who is in action while Robert Parr keeps the children but when a new villain makes his appearance, the family hands the costume with Frozone to go face it. A short video on Edna Mode was also released.

The other highly anticipated film is Toy Story 4. While until now John Lasseter was the director, assisted by Josh Cooley, it is ultimately the latter who takes the place of director and Jonas Rivera will be in production.

A video was shown showing a new character, a doll named Lulu. No more information was given.

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Obviously, Coco was also honored and a new image of the film was shown as well as some videos.

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Finally, Dan Scanlon (Monstres University) makes his appearance on stage to tell us about a brand new project. Linked to his personal life where he lost his father, the film will focus on the subject: who was my father? All in a world where there are no humans but only trolls, elves and spirits. And yes you will have understood, Pixar launches in the fantasy and it has the name of project Suburban Fantasy World. Concerning the story, two young elves lost their father when they were young. Thanks to the magic, they can spend a last day with him. We will also find there speaking trees, unicorns, dragons ...

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