The Incredibles 2.

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Fact sheet.

Director: Brad Bird.
Writer: Brad Bird.
Producer: Nicole Paradis Grindle and John Walker.
Composer: Michael Giacchino.
Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.
Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures.
U.S. release date: June 15, 2018.
Running time: Unknown.
Budget: Unknown.
World gross: Unknown.
U.S. gross: Unknown.


Superheroes are still illegal. An organisation has nevertheless called upon Elastigirl to resume fighting crime, whilst Bob Parr has to stay at home with his children and most of all contend with Jack-Jack and his new powers.


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Mr Indestructible : Craig T. Nelson (VF : Gérard Lanvin).
Elastigirl : Holly Hunter.
Violet Parr : Sarah Vowell.
Edna Mode : Brad Bird.
Frozone : Samuel L. Jackson.
Dash : Spencer Fox.

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During the 2014 Annual Disney Shareholder event, CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger officialy announced a sequel to The Incredibles was being made.

In early 2015, Brad Bird announced he had started writing the script for the new movie.

Our review of The Incredibles 2.

Most fans have been eagerly waiting fourteen years for the sequel narrating the adventures of the Parr family. For the past fourteen years we were wondering: “What on earth is going to happen with the Underminer?” 2018 has helped us answer this question.

The opening sequence directly immerses you into the sequel to The Incredibles, and the battle between our superheroes and the notorious villain. Action, comic relief, such are the elements that will punctuate the entire film. The film is actually a mirror to the first. This time, Helen is the one to head out to fight villainy, while Bob stays at home to look after the children. An interesting and amusing turning of tables which precisely offers insight into what some families are experiencing with the mother going out to work and a father who runs the household. This will obviously result in more or less comical situations. Yet why has he been turned into a father completely incapable of looking after his children and jealous of his wife’s success? This is a little too cliché and easy from a storytelling point of view, whereas it could have been given more in-depth treatment.

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Another interesting element can be found in the relationship the general public has with the return of superheroes which some people are actively campaigning for. This second approach the film offers helps raise questions and also mirrors what you can experience when ordinary people become heroes through brave actions. Yet one could fault the film with sort of copying and pasting the ingredients of the first film, while simply changing the characters. Yet the magic does work quite well. But indeed, all novelty has gone and viewers are not as surprised as they were originally. Even worse, the storyline is all in all quite ordinary and predictable at times. We should also add that at the time the first instalment was released, superhero films were weaving their way into the movie industry. Since then, so many have been made for the big screen that Incredibles 2 offers nothing new regarding the way the story unfolds.

When you meet up with the Parr family, you feel back on familiar territory. Bob is therefore out of his depth with his new life situation, Helen is greatly enjoying her new job, Violet is going through teenage angst, and only Dash remains true to himself. The only major surprise comes with Jack-Jack, who shows us the extent of his uncontrollable powers. The baby actually steals the show and manages to make you laugh with each of his screen appearances.

image indestructibles 2 incredibles disney pixar

After Syndrome in the first film, here we get to deal with the Screenslaver. Far more twisted, this villain is also more charismatic and fearsome. As for the new superheroes, the little airtime they are given does not make them memorable though they probably had potential. Finally, the new superhero supporters, Winston and Evelyn, bring in some new blood but lack flavour to make them endearing despite their motivation. As for the other comebacks, Frozone gets a little more airtime, which is a good point seeing how charismatic the character is. Unlike Edna, who has become cult but sadly lacks presence in this film, even though her flash appearance enables further comic relief.

Brad Bird has been able to take things a step further with Incredibles 2 thanks to new technological developments. The scenery is more elaborate, more detailed and still retains the same retro-futuristic quality. Viewers get to enjoy the environment far more. He has also successfully wielded the camera to turn it into an action movie which has nothing to envy blockbusters of the same genre.

image indestructibles 2 incredibles disney pixar

Michael Giacchino has here scored a soundtrack in the spirit of the original film whilst adding a few small variations. It remains pleasant to listen to, but does not hold any surprises.

Incredibles 2 therefore marks the fifth franchise of Pixar Animation Studios to be granted a sequel. A much-awaited sequel, but one which shall not necessarily win everyone’s heart due to a lack of surprises and risk-taking. If you are an action movie enthusiast, you will love it! If you were expecting a more in-depth screenplay, you will be disappointed. In short, the film offers excellent entertainment, but no more. The studios with the hopping desk lamp are in need of a new breath of fresh air…

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