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Fact sheet.

Director: Dave Mullins.
Writer: Dave Mullins.
Producer: Dana Murray.
Composer: Christophe Beck.
Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios.
Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
U.S. release date 16 Juin 2017.
Running time: 6 minutes.


A young boy named J.J is a little terror who picks on other children. Lou decides a time for change has come.


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Lou : Unknown.
J.J : Unknown.

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Lou is to be shown prior to the screening of Cars 3.

The idea behind this short was already sown as early as 2012 when the director was weighing up several storylines. It eventually turned out to be the “lost-and-found objects” that green-lighted its production. What was left to be defined was what Lou was going to look like. Many tests were conducted, featuring various objects, but nothing fitted in the eyes of the director. Until his wife cleaned up a design and the main character was created.

Lou’s motions were properly and individually created by Pixar animators, not by a computer simulation program.
The children you see in the playground are also shown in Finding Dory and Toy Story 3.

Notre critique de Lou.

Achieving continuity with their previous silent shorts, Pixar’s classical recipe –the return of “live objects” – once again works perfectly with a story that is sweet, but will nevertheless not go down in history as one the studio’s greatest works.Lou is a fun character who manages to get the terrible JJ to change. The length of the short enables all elements to work fine together, even though viewers will have trouble becoming attached to the protagonists and the message the short seeks to convey.

All in all,
Lou is a nice, entertaining short.

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