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Fact sheet.

Directors: Alan Barillaro.
Writers: Inconnu.
Producer: Inconnu.
Composer: Adrian Belew.
Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios et Walt Disney Pictures.
Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures.
U.S. release date: 17 Juin 2016.
Titre original : Piper.
Running time: 6 minutes.


Piper is a little sandpiper bird who has a fear of water. He meets a crab who helps him become braver.

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pixar disney piper

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The idea for Piper’s storyline dawned on the director when walking along the beach he noticed birds backing away from the waves that were flowing in. He explains :

« This is a story about conquering and overcoming your personal fears — in this case, the water. This is a tale of how to grow up in a world that seems so large and intimidating with the courage to get past those fears ».

« I love playing with something people are familiar with, like a beach, and giving a new perspective, how that might feel as a bird that’s only four inches off the ground. The filmmaker in me wanted to have fun with that concept ».

pixar disney piper

« There’s also the parent aspect, personal to me. Letting your kids grow up, make mistakes and not hovering over them. The mother piper is the parent I wish I was — being there for your kids, but giving them space to grow ».

The sound of the rumbling stomach is a recording of Composer Adrian’s Belew’s daily growl.

This short was shown before Finding Dory.

Our review.

Having appeared out of nowhere and been announced barely a few weeks before being shown in cinemas, Pixar returns with its customary new short: Piper

Telling a story in merely six minutes is a challenge. Yet this little bird called Piper will have to face his fear if he wants to grow up. The storyline is simple and effective. Waves are the only elements of action, hints of comedy are present and successfully pulled off, and most of all, how can one not melt when seeing little Piper? Just the mere sight of him puts a smile on viewers’ faces. So when he becomes animated, sheer happiness ensues. As is often the case with their shorts, Pixar have gone in for silent storytelling and let pictures speak for themselves.

Obviously Piper is not alone in this short feature. Besides his mother and other peers, the little bird will meet a tiny hermit crab who is the second cute character of the story. A few seconds interacting with him makes the main protagonist even more endearing.

Pixar had already impressed many a viewer with The Good Dinosaur. Here the animation studios repeat their success. As soon as the first images run before your eyes, the following question springs to mind: “is this really an animated film?” The photorealistic quality of the various settings is so detailed and perfect that you feel as though you are watching an animal documentary in a natural environment, namely with a beach with waves. It is beautiful, neat, magnificent.

The soundtrack, albeit discreet, adds to the adorable atmosphere the character instills in the story.

As you will have gathered, Pixar have outdone themselves as far as short features go with Piper, both regarding the technique and the storyline. This short is moving cute, just perfect.

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